Resources for Park Friends Groups


The resources shared here are for park friends groups actively registered with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. This is your one-stop-shop for all the resources and information you need to be an active and successful member of the Park Friends Network! As always, if you have questions or need help, please contact your stewardship coordinator at Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, or reach out to us at or call (215) 683-3640.​​​

General ResourcesPark Friends Network Toolkit
Want to learn the basics of how to make the most of your Philadelphia Park Friends Group? All you need to know is in our toolkit! 

2024 Park Friends Network Calendar
Explore and attend all the events we have planned for our network members in 2024, including Park Friends Network meeting dates and Love Your Park.

Park Friends Network Facebook Group
Keep up with your fellow park friends, post a question, or share resources!Park Friends Network Value Statement

Park Friends Network Requirements

Sample Friends Group Bylaws
Use this template to help you create your Friends group bylaws!Guide to Group Bylaws

Park Friends Network 101 Workshop Check out this video from the Park Friends Network 101 Workshop for a more in-depth lesson.

PFN Who to Call listUse this handout to understand who to contact for various park issues.

To Do List

Submit a Monthly Activity Report
Your time as volunteers is valuable! Make sure you make the most of it by recording here each time you have an event, meeting, or activity. 


GivePulse Guide This helpful guide will be your best friend as you learn how to use GivePulse, the volunteer management tool we use to keep track of events and volunteers.

GivePulse Mobile App Sign-In InstructionsUse this handy visual guide to learn how to sign in volunteers to your event using the GivePulse app on your phone.GivePulse 101 WorkshopCheck out the slideshow of the GivePulse 101 Workshop for a more in-depth lesson.

Love Your Park on GivePulseJoin the Love Your Park GivePulse group and stay up-to-date on volunteer events your fellow Park Friends groups are hosting.

Event and Permit Information

Guide to Community Events 
This quick guide will help you get strated planning a fun event for community event in your park.

Friends & Community Group Event Permit: Guidelines 
Registered park friends groups are eligible for subsidized event permits through Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Learn how to apply for one with these helpful guidelines.Online event permit application instructions 
Learn how to set up an online account to manage event permits online at

Friends & Community Group Event Permit: PDF Application 
Download the 2024 paper permit application here.

Registered Park Friends Group Event Insurance Application
Registered park friends groups are eligible for free event insurance through the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Stewardship office. (Search for Friends and community groups event insurance fillable application.)Permit questions?
Contact your stewardship coordinator, or contact the Stewardship permit office at

Service Day Information

Guide to Service Days 
Have fun in the park with volunteers and get some work done! Check out this short guide to hosting a service day or volunteer event in your park.

Volunteer Sign-in Sheet
This volunteer sign-in sheet will help you collect your volunteers' contact information and includes an important waiver that protects your group. Keep track of your volunteers and bring them back next time! Volunteer Waiver Form
This is the text-only volunteer waiver form.

Submit Your Volunteer Event on the LYP websiteUse this form to share your cleanups and volunteer events with us, and we'll post them on the Love Your Park website (year-round!) to help you recruit new volunteers.

Meeting Resources Guide to Public Meetings
Make your park group meetings accessible and open to all! Check out this short guide for some easy ideas.

Meeting Sign-In Sheet
Keep track of your meeting attendees with this handy sign in sheet.

Meeting Agenda TemplateAn in-depth meeting agenda template to help you stay on track during your Park Friends group meetings.Meeting Minutes Template
This template will assist you in creating a more formal written record of your meeting.Simple Meeting Agenda Template
A template that offers a more casual agenda layout that will still keep the meeting organized.

Simple Meeting Notes Template
This template provides a topic based approach to your meeting note taking.

Park Maintenance Resources

Mulching Trees
This handy guide to properly mulching landscape trees (trees in a grassy, open park area rather than a wooded area) will help you understand why mulching trees is necessary and how to do it correctly.

Weed ID GuideCreated by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, this guide offers  photos and ID tips on our parks most common plant invaders. Report Illegal Dumping
Helpful guide from our partners at CleanPHL on how to act on illegal trash dumping in parks and public spaces.


More Resources

Guide to Fundraising
This guide will help get you started with identifying your fundraising goals and needs. 

Guide to Conflict Resolution
Use this handy guide as a reference for conflict resolution.