May 12th, 2020

Arts Day: Love Your Park at Home May 12th Schedule

chalk art

Tuesday, May 12th is Arts Day during Love Your Park @ Home! Here are all of the fun and free things you can learn, share, and do to celebrate the arts in Philly parks. 

5 12 art day lyp at home

LEARN: about Public Art in the Park

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Join the Association for Public Art (aPA) for a lunchtime virtual "walking" tour of a selection of outdoor sculptures found around the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. Rain or shine, aPA staff will share fascinating stories and answer questions about these hidden public art gems and park favorites.

gorgas park flowers

Nature has a special way of inspiring photography, paintings, poetry, and prose. Have you ever written a haiku? Get inspired by going for a walk in your local park or in your own backyard!

Here's how to write a traditional, 3-line haiku: 

1. First line: 5 syllables

2. Second line: 7 syllables

3. Third line: 5 syllables

Be sure to share your haiku on social media and tag #loveyourpark!

DO: Create art of your park

chalk art

Create a natural scene or special message on the sidewalk in front of your home or in your local park using sidewalk chalk or the bits and pieces of nature you can find, like twigs, rocks, and leaves! You can also draw or paint a picture of your local park!

BONUS: Color these free botanical coloring pages!

The Fairmount Park Horticulture Center opened in 1979 and is home to a lovely greenhouse filled with a variety of tropical plants.  Feel free to download these free botanical coloring pages, featuring select tropical plants that you will find in the greenhouse!

Upcoming Love Your Park @ Home events

Second Saturday in East Fairmount Park

August 8th at 10:00am
Boxers Trail, East Fairmount Park

Show some love for Fairmount Park's Boxers Trail! Join us for a restoration project to remove invasive vines from the trail and forest.

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Volunteer Cleanup in Fairmount Park

August 10th at 9:30am
East Fairmount Park

Help keep Philly's parks and waterways free of litter! Join us for this small, socially distant & family friendly cleanup in Fairmount Park.

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Cleanup Kit Giveaway at Chamounix Drive

August 13th at 5:00pm
Chamounix Drive & S. Chamounix Drive

Stop by our park hub on Chamounix Drive to pick up a Solo Cleanup Kit! Cleanup kits are free to volunteers and include trash bags, gloves, a bandanna, and trash grabbers (while supplies last). Use your kit to clean up trash and littler while enjoying Philly's parks this summer as part of our Love Your Park Solo campaign. NOTE: Please stay home if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Also, please wear a mask and maintain six feet of distance from others when you stop by.

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