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Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

(215) 683-3600||http://www.phila.gov/parksandrecreation


We envision an environmentally rich Philadelphia of healthy people with greater personal and community resources; more connected to each other, to their neighborhoods and their government; open to new possibilities; and living with pride and confidence in their city.


We advance the prosperity of our city and the progress of her people through intentional and sustained stewardship of public land and waterways as well as through safe, stimulating recreation, environmental and cultural centers. We help Philadelphia and its citizens grow by connecting people to the natural world, to each other, and to fun, physical and social opportunities.

Core Values

Safe, Clean and Ready To Use. We create safe havens for people. We maintain these places to the highest standards so they remain secure, accessible and welcoming for everyone who uses them. We provide public spaces that people are proud to call their own.

We Care For Our Natural Resources Because We Care For Each Other. Clean water, healthy forests and open spaces are essential for our mental and physical health. We are proud to be zealous protectors and caretakers of William Penn’s “Greene Countrie Towne.”

The World Needs Play. The more we expose people to fun and enriching experiences, the more opportunities we create for people to learn, connect and share. Whether it’s looking at the tops of the trees, feeling clay ooze through one’s fingers for the first time or immersing oneself in our rich history; we view the creation of these opportunities for personal growth as a core responsibility.

We Are Open And Willing Partners. We can’t do this essential work alone, nor can we do it apart. We are all at our best when we work together.

We Believe In Others. The greatest impact we can have is to lift the lives of those around us. We believe in the potential of people and work in service of their aspirations. By doing so, we advance their probability for personal growth and success – on their own terms, with their families and within their own neighborhoods.

We Never Give Up. We are persistent, creative and resilient. We will use that Philly grit to grow our city into a life force that fosters success.

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