LOVE Your Park Week is Coming!


We have lots of exciting news! Spring is coming and we are getting ready. LOVE Your Park week is May 11 – 18th, 2013!  We will once again enjoy a week of…

I Love Penn Treaty Park


Historic Penn Treaty Park is the only park in Philadelphia which is located on the beautiful Delaware River. It is the hidden jewel of the Riverwards! It was founded in…

William Penn Peace Treaty Park


A brief video paying tribute to the rich history of Penn Treaty park and celebrating people’s positive use of the park today!

Save the Date!


Save the date for our LOVE Your Park Fall Edition park cleanup on November 17th. More information will be posted soon. In the meantime, please check out our other upcoming…

“Shofuso” by Christina Arlt


“Playing with Friends” by Ainyae Holmes


“Pennypack Park” by Andy Milczarek


Recently diagnosed with cancer I found myself taking walks and enjoying the serenity of Pennypack Park in 2 different places. I frequent the park just off of Verree Rd. near…

“My Community Park” by Lylah, age 6


This is a picture my daughter made, depicting one of our many, lovely, functions in the park. We are members of The Cobbs Creek West Community Association.

“Love Blooms in the Park” by Dorothy Stiles


Parks hold a place in the hearts of everyone. Just the thought of a favorite park evokes childhood memories, feelings of closeness with nature, relaxation and wonder. For many, parks…

“Park Love” by Dominick Vinciguerra


I remember when i was 3-4 years old my family always took me to fdr park.we used to ride the paddle boats,go fishing,and play on the swing sets around the…

“Farimount Park” by Erin Shaughnessy


My favorite park is Fairmount Park because I cleaned it last year so there’s not as much litter.

“Lookin’ for Love at Starr Garden” by Kate Julyan


Check out this video submission:

“The Park” by Fran Burns


At the park, I get to see Some of the most amazing things to me Smiles from ear to ear Laughs and giggles for all to hear Kids running and…

“Detours Turn Destinations: 3 Perfect Dates brought to you by Philly Parks” by Julia Hillengas


1. The cookie cutter First Friday date becomes special the moment you suggest a detour down to the Delaware riverside. Upon entering the Race Street Pier, a sense of magic…

“Vernon Park is for the Birds!!” by Mia A. Bird