Thank you for a Wonderful Love Your Park Week!

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We wish to extend a huge THANK YOU to the over 100 groups across the city that participated in Love Your Park Week from May 11th – 18th. We had a blast and thanks to the energy of all of the incredible volunteers, we really made an impact! Special thanks to ACE Charitable Foundation, NovaCare Rehabilitation, US Facilities, All Seasons Landscaping, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for their support.

At the city-wide clean up on May 11th, 2013:

• 102 parks participated
•Over 2,000 volunteers enlisted (Over 550 were under 18)
•1,000 bags of trash collected
•253 trees planted
•Over 2,000 flowers and other plants planted
Other highlights included:

•79 events in parks across the city
•A ribbon cutting at Pleasant Hill Park
•The Hunting Park Tennis Court Dedication with Billie Jean King
•Open Barns Day at seven horse stable sites.
•Julian Able Park’s Grand Reopening

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